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End of Year Medication


Lovejoy ISD has a policy prohibiting extra medication to be returned home with the student, this includes any non-prescription medication.  Therefore, a parent or guardian must pick up the medication at the clinic


Any remaining medications, including inhalers, must be discarded at the end of the school year.  Medications cannot be stored during the summer months.


Please remember if your child will continue to need medications during the 2019/2020 school year, you will need to have a new medication sheet completed for the fall.


Thank you for your understanding,


Debbie Nash RN



Heat/Ozone Guidelines

(For Campus Based Activities Including PE & Recess)

During the hot days of summer, early fall, and late spring, there are frequently ozone alerts. There will be no outside activity if the temperature is 95 degrees or greater, or when under Heat Alert, Red Ozone Alert, or Orange Ozone Alert.  It is acceptable for students to be outside on these days for 10 minutes or less if they have to go outside to get to the gym, check on a garden area, etc.  Parents should provide the school with written notice if they would like their child to not go outside on days other than listed above.

Cold Temperatures

Students will not be allowed outside for recess, PE or other activities of 10 minutes or longer duration when temperature and/or wind chill is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.  Please be sure that students dress accordingly for outside temperature.

The following suggestions are reminders to help students with comfort and safety during the hottest times of the year:

Keeping it Cool

  •       Drink fluids before, during, and after outdoor activities.
  •       If you feel thirsty, drink fluids!
  •       If you bring lunch, pack a "Gatorade-type" drink. Sugars decrease the absorption of water by the body.
  •       Wear loose-fitting, lightweight, light-colored clothing.

Block the Sun

  •       Wear wide-brimmed hats while in the sun.
  •       Use a sunscreen with an SPF 15 or greater.
  •       Stay inside when possible.
  •       If shortness of breath occurs during vigorous activity, stop the activity and rest in a cooler place.
  •       Use a buddy system in high-heat activities.

Weather Information

Temperature verification Sites used by elementary campus:

LJE & Hart: Lucas Fire Dept          Puster:  Heritage Ranch

Heat Index - Heat Index (HI) or “apparent temperature” is an accurate measure of how hot it really fells when the relative humidity is added to the actual air temperature. Since heat index values were devised for shady, light wind conditions, exposure to full sun can increase HI values by up to 15 degrees.

Ozone – The “ozone season” runs from May 1 through October 31. Ozone alerts are issued as an “ozone watch”, usually the day before. If conditions actually reach hazardous levels at one of the many monitoring stations around the metroplex, an “ozone warning” is issued for that area. Unless an orange or red “warning” is issued for Collin County, the health of our students is not compromised.

*****Separate guidelines apply to extracurricular activities that follow the recommendation of the certified trainers


HEAD LICE: This is the time of year that brings upsetting incidences involving head lice. Head lice can happen to anyone, so it is important to learn how to recognize, treat and prevent it from happening again! Here’s what to look for:

  • Persistent itching of the head
  • Small white particles attached to hair that are difficult to remove
  • Small brown bugs that move very fast

If you suspect that your child has head lice, call your physician or the school nurse for information on treatment and control.


  • Prescription or non-prescription medicines must be brought to the clinic by parent.
  • Medication must be in the original, properly labeled container.
  • Must have Medication Release form completed and signed by parent.
  • NO loose pills or unlabeled medicines will be given to students under any circumstances.
  • Tylenol, Advil, etc., is not given unless above guidelines are followed.

The clinic does not have these medications for students (in accordance with board policy and state law).

I am in the clinic Monday--Friday should any problems arise.

MRSA Guidelines

Lovejoy ISD is focused on maintaining an environment that decreases the likelihood of an MRSA outbreak.  Please review some of the resources below to develop an understanding of the challenge at hand. The Texas Department of State Health Services recommends the following guidelines to avoid infection:

v     Practice good hygiene, especially regular hand washing

v     Do not share personal items such as razors or towels

v     Thoroughly clean shared items—toys, telephones—using a 1:100 bleach-water solution

v     Cover open wounds or cuts with a clean, dry bandage

Seek medical attention if symptoms occur. Symptoms include fever or persistent draining, and bleeding or red streaks at the infected site. Some MRSA are resistant to commonly used antibiotics.


The full set of guidelines can be found at