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Hello Parents!

     My name is Mary Ruggeri, and I am the school counselor here at Lovejoy Elementary School. I became the counselor at Lovejoy in 2005, and I love every day I get to spend with your precious children! As a school counselor, I work with students and their parents in a variety of ways. Each service I provide is designed to help children live up to their fullest potential. Among the services I provide are:

  • Individual school counseling
  • Small group counseling/guidance
  • Large group guidance
  • School-wide programs
  • Parent/teacher consultation
  • Coordination of community services/resources

     One of the main reasons I am here is to help all children develop and strengthen their social/emotional skills. Each year I teach the children life skills that cover topics such as: self-confidence development, problem-solving, interpersonal effectiveness, communication skills, and responsible behavior. In conjunction with this, I also work with children on developing their character. We have a school-wide emphasis on building character that is aligned with the Six Pillars of Character from the Character Counts program. The Six Pillars are: respect, responsibility, caring, trustworthiness, fairness, and citizenship. Each six weeks we focus on learning, practicing, and internalizing one character trait. I encourage you to ask your child about these character traits as the year progresses.

     I am also here to help children who are facing certain difficulties at school or at home. Issues at school may include conflicts with teachers or friends, anxiety about schoolwork, or anything else that may distract your child from learning. Family changes or disruptions such as the birth of a sibling, an illness, death, or divorce also may affect your child’s ability to perform in school. If your child is experiencing anything that I can help with, please do not hesitate to let me know.

     Another reason I am here is to assist parents with concerns about their children. I can help you with developmental growth and academic questions that you might have about your child. Please feel free to contact me if you ever have any concerns about your child.

     I look forward to another great year of working with you and your children!!

With a love for Lovejoy,

Mary Ruggeri