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Carolyn Hicks

I'm so excited to begin my 21st year at Lovejoy! Each year, while unique in its own right, has been equally full of challenges, surprises, laughter, and love.  I am a lifelong learner and am always seeking the most engaging way to reach children. My passion is developing warm, positive relationships with my students and creating a positive, challenging, respectful learning environment.


I am a northerner by birth, having spent my first 30 years or so in Minnesota.  There, I was blessed with a variety of teaching experiences.  I spent a year and a half as a reading teacher in a Montessori classroom, then I taught first grade for two years, and followed that with a year teaching in a combined fifth- and sixth-grade classroom.  Each experience taught me a great deal about children (and about myself!) and deepened my commitment to education.  


I am the proud mom of two amazing children.  My daughter Ally graduated from Lovejoy High School last year and is currently a college student.  My son Jonah is a senior at Lovejoy High School.   My husband Michael is an educational diagnostician for Allen ISD.  We live in Van Alstyne so commuting each day is a family affair.


I am an avid reader (audiobooks are my favorite things in the world!) and an aspiring (but yet-to-be-published) writer.   I  love craft projects, walking, fishing, traveling, and swimming.